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Employee Engagement

The Employee Value Proposition

At a Financial Services Forum meeting yesterday on the Employee Value Proposition. Some notes I made… Dr Susan Hetrick from The People Forum said her research shows that the drivers of employee engagement vary by generation and by geography. So what engages a 25-year-old in the Netherlands will be very different […]

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Employees remain tools

Or so says Alain de Botton in the latest issue of Five Dials. De Botton is posing as the Agony Uncle to respond to a banker (Max, London) who is anxious about the effects of the recession. He dispassionately dissects the relationship between employer and employed.  This is de Botton’s wonderfully long and […]

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Employee Engagement

Join us for an evening with John Smythe

John Smythe, the author of CEO, Chief Engagement Officer; Turning Hierarchy Upside Down To Drive Performance has been working on a new book on employee engagement. And he’s agreed to give us a sneak preview at the next CIPR Inside event on 17 February. John tells me the new book […]

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